The Horizon is the perfect trailer for supporting up to 4 people. It is particularly suited to those who like to cook or need compartmentalized storage. It is divided into 3 practical compartments: main cargo load box and two side boxes. The 54 cubic feet of storage is equivalent to the cargo capacity of an SUV with the rear seats folded down. The storage is large enough for a family of four to camp remotely for a week, or to support a global expedition for months.


The Horizon features our 4th generation proprietary Trailing Arm Air Suspension, TAAS 4.0. Developed over 10 years and countless miles in various terrains, this suspension is adjustable for varying loads, supple and compliant over brutal washboard and technical terrain yet with excellent highway speed manners. The suspension soaks up the terrain and road so well you will hardly notice that you are towing a trailer. Adjusting the suspension for varying loads is easily accomplished with a small compressor, a manual bicycle pump or at a filling station.




Trailing Arm Air Suspension, TAAS 4.0

    • Heavy duty laser cut chassis, powder coated plus corrosion protection
    • Side protection bars
    • 2” Receiver type tongue and 2” rear accessory/recovery receiver for accessories up to 150 lbs
    • 14 gauge steel laser cut and formed trailer body, powder coated plus corrosion protection
    • Stainless steel hinges and latches throughout
    • Gas strut assisted cargo lid
    • Interior cargo tie down points
    • Cargo floor rubber mat
    • D.O.T. compliant LED lighting and reflectors
    • AT Roof Rack system with aircraft grade adjustable track. Compatible with accessories made by major manufacturers.
    • Standard textured black chassis and suspension, high reflective white body components 



Overall Length: 124″
Overall Width: 68
Main Cargo Box: 40″W x 30″H x 54″L
Side Box: 14″W x 14″H x 54″L
Nose Box: (32″ W + 12″W) x 20.5″ H x 21.375″L
Cubic Capacity: 54 Cubic Feet
Water Tank: 19 Gallons
Propane Tank: 11 lbs.
Gas Cans: 5 Gallons each
Base Trailer Weight: 1100 lbs.
Payload: 1600 lbs.*
Ground Clearance: 24″
Box Material: 14 Gauge Steel
Chassis Material: 2″ x 3″ x .120″ steel tube
Bumper material: 2″ x 5″ x .187″ steel tube
Coating: Zinc primer and powder coating
*Payload includes all options and features added to the base trailer plus water and fuel storage.
Gasoline weighs 6.25 lb per gallon. Water weighs 8.35 lb per gallon

When packing your trailer place the heaviest items on the bottom of the load box. Split your cargo weight 60% forward of the axle and 40% behind it. Use stackable packing containers to store non perishable food stuffs and smaller items. Strap your loads down using the tie downs and tie down taps within the load box to stop the load from shifting during travel.
Measurements are to be used as guidelines only.



  • One of the most popular options on the Horizon is the AT Kitchen. It fits conveniently into one of the side boxes, and utilizes a high output 2 burner stove on a slide mechanism. A removable cutting board is built into the door, and space within the box provides for storage of cutlery, crockery, kitchen ware, spices, coffee presses, and other essentials.
  • A 6′ x 6′ awning mounted on the top of the side box above the kitchen area via stainless steel height adjustable supports. The awning is completely self-contained within an aluminum clamshell tube. The awning provides welcome shade in the desert and shelter from rain showers.
  • An optional fridge can be installed inside the main cargo box, mounted on a full slide out tray allowing fridge to be pulled out over the tail gate for easy access. Traveling with the fridge inside the main box protects it from the harsh off road environment outside. We have many models to choose from Engel and National Luna in sizes 35 liters to 80 liters.
  • The mid-section of the Horizon tongue of the trailer has a built in skid plate and is used to house the optional 19 gallon water tank made from food grade plastic that is BPA free. The tank is fitted with a 3″ clean out, a drain, and a mechanical pump.
  • The space in front of the water tank can be fitted with two 5 gallon/20 liter fuel or water cans and holders.
  • Electric brakes, while not required for a trailer in its class, are highly recommended
  • A large nose box can be fitted at the front of the tongue and is typically used to house deep cycle batteries, battery chargers, solar controllers, inverters, 12 volt outlets, or just extra storage.
  • A Multi-axis Max Coupler for articulated travel on & off pavement, D.O.T. &  S.A.E. J684 tested
  • Swing-away spare tire carrier
  • 12 volt power systems, 110/120 volt shore charging, solar charging
  • Roof top tents of various sizes to sleep from 2 to 4 persons comfortably



We understand that our clients may have specific equipment and performance requirements that may not be found on our standard options menu. If you do not find what you are looking for, simply ask. We provide complete design and multi-discipline fabrication services at our facility. Take a look at our galleries to see samples of our work.