The AT Overland Flatbed was designed as a heavy duty off-road trailer built to pull motorcycles or an ATV you will also see many motorcycle transport companies that you’ll see with similar trailers to this one in this article. It has also seen service as a remote construction trailer and as a specialized military trailer.

The Overland Flatbed Built with a heavy duty boxed ladder frame chassis and features our 4th generation proprietary Trailing Arm Air Suspension, TAAS 4.0. Developed over 10 years and countless miles in various terrains, this suspension is adjustable for varying loads, supple and compliant over brutal washboard and technical terrain yet with excellent highway speed manners. The suspension soaks up the terrain and road so well you will hardly notice that you are towing a trailer. Adjusting the suspension for varying loads is easily accomplished with a small compressor, a manual bicycle pump or at a filling station.


The Flatbed design allows the user to configure the trailer to their personal requirements. The aircraft grade cargo track provides the user with over 400 possible tie down points for securing your load or adding accessories.

All AT trailers are customizable. We utilize a mix and match approach allowing the client to select which options are most practical additions to the base trailer. Our modular design concept allows for upgrades later as your needs dictate.


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  • Trailing Arm Air Suspension, TAAS 4.0 with Timken bearings
  • Heavy duty laser cut chassis, powder coated plus corrosion protection
  • Side protection bars
  • 2” Receiver type tongue and 2” rear accessory/recovery receiver for accessories up to 150 lbs
  • Fiberthane composite deck with polyurethane textured bedliner coating
  • Aircraft grade cargo restraint track
  • D.O.T. compliant LED lighting and reflectors
  • Standard textured black chassis and suspension


Overall Length (including Coupler) 150″
Overall height 32″ top of bed 42 top of fenders
Ground clearance 24″
Overall width 80″
Tongue to spindle 107″

Width between wheel wells 55″

Overall deck length 106″
Weight, dry including: Tires, rims, coupler. 500 lbs.
Measurements are to be used as guidelines only.


  • The mid-section of the tongue of the Teardrop trailer has a built in skid plate and is used to house the optional fuel cans, generators etc
  • Electric brakes, while not required for a trailer in its class, are highly recommended
  • A large nose box can be fitted at the front of the tongue and is typically used to house deep cycle batteries, battery chargers, solar controllers, inverters, 12 volt outlets, or just extra storage.
  • A Multi-axis Max Coupler for articulated travel on & off pavement, D.O.T. & S.A.E. J684 tested to 6000 lbs
  • 12 volt power systems, 110/120 volt shore charging, solar charging


We understand that our clients may have specific equipment and performance requirements that may not be found on our standard options menu. If you do not find what you are looking for, simply ask. We provide complete design and multi-discipline fabrication services at our facility. Take a look at our galleries to see samples of our work.

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