The Traverse

August 5th, 2014

blog6    There is something compelling about the concept of traversing a distance. Whether it be crossing a river, bridging the gap of a canyon, connecting one coast to another or space travel from Earth to Mars, mankind is addicted to this type of endeavor. We seem to be the punchline of the classic chicken joke.

Overlanders are not exempt from this addiction in fact we are poster children for rehab. Here at AT we are not immune either. Ever since Sam Correro gained some notoriety for his efforts and publicizing a route for dual sport motorcyclists from Tennessee to Oregon, we have been interested in partaking in a similar trip. In search of a reasonable excuse for doing so, conveniently the Overland Expo East pops up. So this September we shall indulge our wanderlust and addiction for traversing all manner of obstacles by pursuing what will hopefully be the most interesting dirt path from Prescott Arizona to Asheville North Carolina. Armed with a case full of maps, a couple of electronic navigation devices and Sam’s navigational trail rolls, we ignore his advice to refrain from attempting this eastbound, and embark upon a 3200 mile adventure.

Stay tuned here for updates from the trail as we find our way through the back roads and dirt paths of America. Thanks for the inspiration Sam….