TAT: T minus 1

September 18th, 2014


Last minute prep

We depart early tomorrow and are making a few last minute additions to the JK before we leave. A few weeks ago we performed a spring upgrade and a new set of shocks is in order to compliment them. The original set of springs and shocks were salvaged from the Overland JK project vehicle and had well over 100,000 miles on them before we put them in the AT JK which despite being a 2012 model already has over 80,000 mile on the clock…a testament to the quality of AEV products. We’re also adding a couple extra Ram mount balls and power ports for the extra navigation and communication gear we will be using to keep us on track and in touch.


Driving the TAT with my friend Lew on board as navigator, raconteur and accomplice will require regular doses of caffeine if we are to keep to our planned 200 mile a day plan. Strategies for making good coffee on the road have taken various forms over the years. At home I drink French press coffee but find the clean up to be too messy for road travel. Lately I have become a fan of Megdalia D’Oro instant espresso for short trips, as good as the mega brand micro-ground instant without the insulting packaging and cost. For this trip however, it being 7 weeks long, we will have to source coffee along the way and we cannot rely on being able to find the Italian instant. I have opted to bring along my ancient and trusty Stanley Thermos, a real one made in Tennessee that kept me company on many a night shift as a heatset press operator many years ago. To compliment it I have found a spiffy cone filter that fits its narrow opening and works with #6 Melitta filters. Good coffee, kept warm for hours on end and easy clean up. It ought to do the trick.


We will be towing the AT Flatbed along the TAT. It makes the most sense for hauling our gear for our booth at the Overland Expo and in case we stumble upon any broken down dual sport pilgrims, we’ll be able lend a hand. Besides, we already have two Chasers and a full kit Horizon in place for the show so we thought we’d round out the stable. It will be on display and sporting the Main Line Overland Kawasaki KLR as its cargo.

This Flatbed is our original prototype that we built a few years back. We have hauled trailer chassis to the clients, furniture for friends, concrete and building supplies to the cabin, Habitat tops to the paint shop and even a 325 gallon water tank that when full exceeds our suggested maximum load (shame on us!). At this time we estimate that we’ve put about 45,000 miles on it and this upcoming trip will be another 7,000. We like to test our gear and test it hard. This is how and why we are able to continually improve the products we build you. Built by Overlanders for Overlanders.


Want to see how well our trailers hold up to abuse? Come visit our Flatbed and Equipts’ 2007 Chaser at the Overland Expo near Asheville, NC October 3-5.