Adventure Trailers has over the years outfitted vehicles for expedition travel on a one off basis. We used the same high end equipment we installed on our trailers and customized the fit for the vehicle.

With the growth in the amount of equipment we are manufacturing, and stocking, the demand from vehicle owner for us to work on their trucks, vans, and SUV’s has become an increasingly larger part of our business.

This has lead to the development of the AT division “Habitat”™ which will concentrate on vehicle preparation.

We are concentrating on two areas, vehicle interiors, and vehicle exterior.

Vehicle Interiors: Primarily concentrating on 12-volt systems, LED lighting, storage solutions, kitchen units, heating, fridges, water storage and medical equipment.

Vehicle Exteriors: Concentrating on roof racks, roof tents, solar, LED lights, compressors, awnings, hot water systems, auxiliary fuel tanks, fuel and water cans. We will also be doing straight bolt on work like, body armor, bumpers, and lifts.


Land Rover LR4
This vehicles was featured in AutoWeek August 2013. AT worked on the versatile interior conversion.

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Arizona Company tackles most advanced build-out yet.   Prescott, Ariz. (2012-03-06)

Expeditions7 commissions Adventure Trailers to develop infrastructure systems for upcoming around-the-world vehicles.

Team leader Scott Brady announced today that the interior design and build for Expedition7’s Toyota Land Cruisers will be handled by Adventure Trailers of Prescott AZ. “The interior challenges are more complex than most people realize, they have to be 100% safe, extremely durable, convenient to use and access, and flexible in the way they can be configured,” said Brady “It’s a pretty tall order”.

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The work was performed in late 2011, early 2012. Modifications on one of the first 2012 model JK’s to roll off the production line. Much of this conversion had to be done with custom AT hardware as the kits and off the shelf products were not in production yet.
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