AT Team

“Le ATeam”






   Mario Donovan

I grew up in rural California and East Africa. I have had the good fortune to travel many places in between on foot, motorcycle, 4×4, boat and aeroplane. In the process I have made friends all over the world and earned good campfire stories to tell.

As co-founder of AT I get to wear many hats. My predominant roles are as Sales Consultant to our varied clientele and Product Designer. Flexibility is a necessary trait to work at AT so on any given day I could be answering the phone, fabricating in the shop, shoveling snow or serving up burger off the grill at an open house.  It’s all good.

The most satisfying aspect of working at AT is working with our team to enable our clients to pursue their adventures. Whether we are performing a full kit build-out of an expeditionary vehicle, hooking up a freshly built trailer to a tow rig or simply sharing our wealth of knowledge, every day brings new challenges and rewards.

I love anything four-wheel drive, anything on two wheels and what they will enable me to do. They are the complementary tools to my love of remote travel, fishing, canoeing, sailing, hiking, camp cooking…. What is not to love?

I attended the Lycee Guebre Mariam in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Later in life obtained my BSBA from UOP.  Worked my way through all facets of the printing and publishing industry starting with a press apprenticeship and exiting the industry as VP of Manufacturing before co-founding AT in 2002. I have been a tinkering gearhead and product crash test dummy all my life and can think of no better vocation. I am a most fortunate man to have the unwavering support of my wife Anne without whom we would not have taken AT from a dream to reality. From business research to trail runs and educating people about products at shows, she has been our champion. For this I am forever thankful.







   Martyn Davies


I grew up in Wales, and now live in Prescott Arizona with my wife Rosy and our daughter Mariah. We have all travelled and worked overseas spending extended periods of time in North Africa, Greece, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, New Zealand and Costa Rica.

As a business owner I do what ever job needs to be done at AT to keep things moving forward. My primary function  is production, coordinating trailer and vehicle builds, making sure ordered parts arrive in time, and coordinating with staff on daily operations.

I’m not a very good employee, so being a business owner works much better for me 🙂  I love working at AT as the team is so capable at what they do. The builds we do are so varied that no two days are the same, and in between moments of seriousness we laugh and have fun.

I have always enjoyed traveling and learning about other cultures and beliefs. I’ve traveled by bus, train, plane, and vehicle and find them all interesting (well except the plane). Overlanding became a passion for me after my family moved to South Africa. The hard part was yet to come, introducing Overland to North America!  I worked as a Professional Ski Instructor for over 20 years at Lake Tahoe teaching skiing and snowboarding. The most rewarding experience was teaching adaptive snow-sports to people with disabilities.

I trained as a geologist and fluids engineer and plied my trade in many of the hot spots around the world. After taking up skiing as my vocation I paid the bills as a carpenter, waiting tables, working as a Sous Chef, landscaping in a cemetery, and relying on my wife to have a “real job”. I can’t thank Rosy enough for standing beside me through this journey.