The Lowdown with Lolo #1

January 18th, 2016

The Lowdown with Lolo #1


Be it trailers, vehicles, or campers, the most rewarding aspect of my work is walking through the finished product with the customers. Unveiling and releasing these meticulous hunks of metal onto the streets, (or lack thereof), and into the hands of eager adventurers is just as much of an experience for myself as it is for them. I’m proud of the quality products we turn out and it’s always bittersweet bidding farewell to the customers and builds, alike. The trailers, vehicles, and campers are like the kids I don’t have…they grow up so fast!


Last year, what I thought was going to be my most overwhelming Four Wheel Camper walkthrough turned out to be one of the most fun! The Yavapai County Jeep Posse pulled into our lot with four different colored Jeeps and a truck. Working under the direction of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, these individuals are a volunteer based Search and Rescue and County-wide Forest Fire evacuation unit. The addition of a Four Wheel Camper to their off-road vehicle collection was to serve as a Mobile Command Post! When the time came for the walk-through on their camper, I knew I could handle 5 men if I can put up with 6 of them on a daily basis here at the shop! I showed them the ins and outs of their camper, answered questions, and shared a few stories. I enjoy the human to human interaction after working with a shop full of machines and gear heads! These dialogue exchanges between customers help keep me grounded…even if I occasionally get busted for being a social butterfly! At the end of the camper install and walk-through, the Posse wanted me to join their squad! However, I only have my Wilderness Advanced First Aid certificate and my ’93 Camry gets exactly one foot of articulation and thus, isn’t exactly trail rated. Back in December, I walked downtown to catch the Christmas Parade and lo and behold, the Posse had entered the Four Wheel Camper into the parade!

It’s gratifying to know that at AT, we enable all sorts of people to go out in the world and accomplish whatever adventures they please, from parades to islands in the Pacific!



Written by: Lauren “Lolo” Sherwood

Photos by: Adventure Trailers