Vehicle Habitat

Jeep Habitat

Have you been searching for an efficient and comfortable camping shelter, but don’t have the appropriate vehicle necessary for a Four Wheel Camper or the Habitat Truck Topper? AT Overland Equipment is proud to introduce the all new AT Vehicle Habitat that is compatible with most overlanding vehicles. Weighing in at about 240 pounds, the Vehicle Habitat is the perfect choice to mount to your provided roof rack system as in a Jeep JK Unlimited, Land Rover Defender 110, 80 Series Toyota or other vehicle with a similar roof line.


Defender Habitat


The opening and closing of the top is facilitated by robust gas springs. The Habitat tent is made exclusively for AT by Nemo Equipment and is the same design we have been using on Habitats for the last 5 years. While the design is the same, the tent material has been modified to a Teflon impregnated ripstop nylon, rather than the previous poly/cotton blend. The 15 foot long tent will protect you from the elements, while the Habitat’s self-supporting sleeping area will assure you and yours a sound night’s sleep. The deployed platform doubles as a protective awning at the rear of the truck. Habitats are built to order only, with an average lead time of 6-8 weeks. Habitats are available directly from us at AT Overland Equipment and our Authorized dealer network.






Standard: Base price $6,500, not including install kit, subject to change

-Easy 1 minute deployment and stowage
-Sleeps 2, adult standard
-Built in Hi-Density Foam Mattress with washable cover 87″ x 48″ x 2″ 
-Clothing gear loft and 4 side pockets in tent
-Insulated sleeping platform and shell walls
-Built in awning by design covering entrance area
-All aluminum composite construction
-Ruggedly designed for 4×4 travel
-All season tent, no fly required


Dimensions closed:
-8″ tall without roof Bars
-54.5″ Wide at base, 53″ Wide at top
-93″ Long at base

Dimensions open:
-186.5″ Long when deployed
-51″ of headroom over bed area

Materials Specifications List:
-Insulated aluminum composite panels, Nemo Equipment Habitat Tent: Teflon impregnated ripstop nylon
-Stainless Steel hardware
-.060″ 5052 CNC formed aluminum
-Base weight: 240 lbs
-roof weight capacity: 350 lbs
-Cantilever Bed loading capacity” 600 lbs


-Roof Rack (3 bars) on adjustable track
-Color match to vehicle
-Awning room enclosures (in development)


The Vehicle Habitat can be installed on a roof rack, roof bars, by using custom made brackets of your design.  This is a DIY product, while we can provide technical support in the form of the recommended geometric positioning of the gas struts and supports, it is up to the end user to define the best way to attach to the vehicle.  


Check out the video below for a quick peek at a Vehicle Habitat on a JK Wrangler Unlimited.