The Kakadu features the independent trailing arm Timbren Axle-less suspension system that gives excellent ground clearance and break over angle clearances. Utilizing the legendary Chaser platform components,  it allows up to a 33″ tires to be fitted. The Kakadu is paired with the OuterRidge 375 tent from Oztrail delivers weather tight sleeping for four and protection from the elements with a large awning veranda area for socializing. Optional enclosures are available. 

The six foot long cargo box provides 34 cubic feet of storage which is two and half times that of a Jeep Wrangler®. So there’s lots of room for all your camping gear, fridge, food and personal gear. When the lid is closed and locked down all of your equipment stays dry, dust free and safe. 

All AT trailers are customizable. We utilize a mix and match approach allowing the client to select which options are most practical additions to the base trailer. Our modular design concept allows for upgrades later as your needs dictate.



  • Oztrail OuterRidge 375 Tent with queen size bed and annex room
  • Timbren Axless Trailing Arm Suspension
  • Heavy duty laser cut chassis, powder coated plus corrosion protection
  • 2” Receiver type tongue and 2” rear accessory/recovery receiver for accessories up to 150 lbs
  • Side protection bars
  • 14 gauge steel laser cut and formed trailer body, powder coated plus corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel hinges and latches throughout
  • Gas strut assisted cargo lid
  • Interior cargo tie down points
  • Cargo floor rubber mat
  • D.O.T. compliant LED lighting and reflectors
  • Standard textured black chassis and suspension, high reflective white body components





  • One of the most popular options on Kakadu is the Stand Alone Kitchen (SAK). The kitchen unit is housed in a waterproof lockable case mounted on our robust swing away that opens up 120′.  It has a slide-out high output two burner propane stove, cutting board and room left to house kitchen utensils. A 10 lb. propane cylinder and propane bracket can also be added. Used in conjunction with the optional Baltic Birch Shelf, the SAK creates a full kitchen on one side of the Chaser trailer.
  • An optional 2 way fridge can be installed inside the main cargo box, mounted on a locking plate to hold securely in place. Traveling with the fridge inside the main box protects it from the harsh off road environment outside. We have two models to choose from Engel in sizes 35 liters and 80 liters.
  • The mid-section of the Kakadu tongue of the trailer has a built in skid plate and is used to house the optional 19 gallon water tank made from food grade plastic that is BPA free. The tank is fitted with a 3″ clean out, a drain, and a mechanical pump.
  • The space in front of the water tank can be fitted with two 5 gallon/20 liter fuel or water cans and holders.
  • Side protection bars
  • Electric brakes, while not required for a trailer in its class, are highly recommended
  • A large nose box can be fitted at the front of the tongue and is typically used to house deep cycle batteries, battery chargers, solar controllers, inverters, 12 volt outlets, or just extra storage.
  • A Multi-axis Max Coupler for articulated travel on & off pavement, D.O.T. &  S.A.E. J684 tested
  • Swing-away spare tire carrier
  • 12 volt power systems, 110/120 volt shore charging, solar charging





We understand that our clients may have specific equipment and performance requirements that may not be found on our standard options menu. If you do not find what you are looking for, simply ask. We provide complete design and multi-discipline fabrication services at our facility. Take a look at our galleries to see samples of our work.




Can my vehicle tow it? 
Your vehicle will require a tow rating of 2000 lbs or better and a class II hitch rating or higher.  Most mid-size 4×4 vehicles have 2000-3500 lb. tow ratings. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for exact details.


What electrical connection do I need?

All AT trailers utilize a standard 7 pin RV connection.


Does the trailer require brakes?

No but we strongly recommend them. Most 4×4 vehicles are modified with larger tires and often do not have brake upgrades resulting in greater stopping distances. Towing a trailer will also increase stopping distance. Many an accident could be avoided with improved braking. Additionally trailer braking can be manipulated via the in-cab controller allowing for certain techniques to be employed in on & off road scenarios.


Will I need a brake controller?

Yes. An electric brake controller will be required in the vehicle if the brake option is selected.


Can wheels be matched to my tow vehicle?

Yes, in fact it is recommended so that the vehicle spare will work on the trailer and vice versa. Standard available bolt patterns are 5/4.5, 5/5, 5/5.5 and 6/5.5. Optional 8/6.5 is available upon request. For vehicles that are different from standard like 5/150mm, 5/6.5 and others, we can match the pattern with a custom machined wheel adapter. Wheels that have a backspacing of 4.5” or greater, or the center hole of the wheel is less than 2.65” a corrective wheel adapter is required.


What size tires can be fitted?
The Kakadu can fit 31” to 33” tire diameters.


How long will the battery run the fridge and other accessories?

A single group 31 battery will typically run the fridge and lights for 3 days depending upon ambient temperatures. If more run time or more accessories are required, we will consult with you to “right size” a system for you utilizing the most appropriate technologies available such as solar or generator.


How does the battery charge?

The battery will charge from your tow vehicle while on the road or from the recommended shore charging option from a conventional 110/120 volt outlet.


Can I match the color of the trailer to my vehicle?

Yes we can get very close. We use powder coating which does not have the same code numbers used for automotive paint. To see samples of the colors offered, please visit the following link: http://www.tiger-coatings.us/index.php?id=1295 and view the RAL Interior & Exterior color catalog.


How much does it weigh?

The base Chaser weighs 700 lbs (500 kg). Typical option configurations bring the weight to 1400-1600 lbs (636-727 kg).


What kind of maintenance is required?

Periodic maintenance includes critical wheel bearing and hub maintenance which must be performed once a year or every 12,000 mile, whichever comes first. Your trailer comes with an owner’s manual that includes a service schedule.


What is the warranty?

AT provides a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Accessories carry the manufacturer’s warranty. We provide ongoing support for the life of the trailer.


Where can I see one in person?

At our shop in Prescott, Arizona by appointment or at one of our authorized dealers or contact us by e-mail to find out where there might be one close to you. info@adventuretrailers.com